As a lover of the outdoors and animals, I want to dedicate my time to conservation of the natural world. I’m an Interdisciplinary Studies major focusing on Conservation Ecology at Plymouth State University. I originally attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art and was a fine arts major, then transferred to Manchester Community College with the same major. When I transferred to PSU, I planned on continuing with art. Before the semester started, something clicked and I made the decision to switch to a major that had something to do with the environment and animals. I’m so happy with my decision and can’t wait to start my career once I graduate. I’ve had the privilege of working with birds the past few months and I’m hoping to get a short-term job working with them this coming summer.

I grew up in New Hampshire and have been exposed to the beauty of nature all my life. I’m so excited to dedicate my life the preservation of the natural world.

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